Notes de travail et de mise en scène · Septembre 2007 · IN THE SOLITUDE OF COTTON FIELDS

Notes de travail et de mise en scène · Septembre 2007 · IN THE SOLITUDE OF COTTON FIELDS
Notes de mise en scène
Document de répétitions
Éric Vigner
Sep 2007
Langue: Anglais
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Production Notes updated 9/17/07 · Table work Monday 9/10/07 — Thursday 9/13/07


The description of the play should be re written... Ismail is working on language The play is about how to be a human being. It is about love, death, eternity, god, earth, the world, light and dark. All of the difficult questions and our simple existence is within this text. The Dealer and the client meet... They search each other — and expect the other to respond - that's ail — working to exchange. "I would like to buy something from someone who has nothing to sell" Don't try to explain it... It is a discovery of a new exciting offer in Atlanta ... one of the mort important French playwrights — why is he so famous? Lets listen and find out...

Double check spelling of Eric's rame —everywhere Eric Vigner

Make sure Ismail is noted as translator - everywhere Ismail asked if a new big cardboard poster could be created with correct spellings, notations and the with the new description... he offered to pay... - maybe it is a simple fix of covering the text with the new description.


  • We worked through the entire piece one very detailed time during the four days. Yeah — we got ail the way through!
  • Ismail is working on an update — and will send me an electronic version. I will disperse to those who desire and need. Ultimately, we need to make sure that we start with the same script in March so that we are al on the same page. If we go running around with 12 different versions — it will be a nightmare.
  • Darci went through as we worked and developed an electronic version of the text with notes. She was also working on a French / English version for him.
  • I have a notes document developed during the four days from thoughts and comments discussed. We ail took many notes during the time — if anyone wants to send me highlights — I can include for our dramaturgy and research documents as weli as information for the study guide.

Scene Design

  • Black and white, light and dark
  • See holly panel for example — holes can help play with light
  • Overall elegant
  • Maybe panels that can swivel — casters
  • Eric doing design — Mack is getting him the tech specs and inventory or materials we can use — lights, sound, space
  • Floor — shiny black paint on masonite — floor should be as shiny as possible so that actors are reflected -- check with YEA — use two coats of black shiny and polycrylic gloss
  • Plastic material — holes with design — then white on one side and other side black
  • Back — maybe plastic — maybe white scrim — maybe paint back wall white
  • TBA — black legs on side to hide light booms Material to use - CPI Daylighting This material can be replaced by any other similar as long as it is translucent and can be painted on. Piedmont plastics Possibly one record player on stage — with one record — so sound some live some recorded... Ismail and Del operate record player Maybe a chair or a table Props designer - TBA

Light design

  • Designer arrive week of the 7th—work in space during rehearsals — begin adding design during work process
  • Possible to use strip lights on floor — DS
  • Use side lighting — possible use all six booms
  • Possible fluorescent - play

Sound design

  • Designer arrive week of the 7 th—work in space during rehearsals — begin adding design during work process
  • Created by computer
  • Eric told Darci it would be interesting to have a live chello player — Darci has a friend who is a bored musician...

Costume Design

  • Black and white — two choices — both in white
  • Elegant — but not tux suits
  • Manly — but sexy — sleek
  • Look at flow of material
  • Modern clothing — American not European Look through magazines — jay crew, Armani, international male
  • Del — white fancy (maybe with ascot) shirt, white pants — maybe white socks or bare feet. White jacket — maybe put on later in play. Also needs a ridiculous look — tight shirt — like young American frat boy look. Maybe also long white coat. Now thinking layers — long coat, jacket, long sleeve shirt to roll up, tight t-shirt
  • TBA Joanna — to assist with costumes - need to communicate exactly what she will do.


  • Ride the surf of the emotion
  • no forth wall — audience should be in something — work of the elements of the show to authorize this relationship
  • Ismail and Del should continue to play with text — read it together in the space. Work on understanding — do not be afraid if you do not understand.
  • Play with Ismail physically carrying Del in a circular pattern - action